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Business is a pretty safe career field to get into. If you earn a degree in business, you stand a pretty good chance of obtaining that first good job.

Legal assisting, or paralegal studies, is still a popular area, but mostly in bigger cities where the potential employment possibilities are greater (because that's where the lawyers are). A paralegal job can be a great choice for the right person. Many smart students really like working in the professional environment of a law office. The work, however, can be stressful and you will need a good working wardrobe. Learn more.

Plus, there are plenty of other career options either at a school close to you or through one of the colleges that offer online coursework. You have lots of choices. You just need to make the right one. Learn more here.

Philadelphia, Chicago and Cleveland each offer a lot of good education options. There are fancy universities, big state colleges and smaller private schools in each city.

Business is one of the most popular college majors. Inside the business program, accounting and finance are the two majors that consistently get the most interest from employers. You can read more about finance majors and careers at

Columbus, OH ( March 11, 2013 -- A new online guide for Ohio college students is now open.

Ohio College Classes is a brand new website where residents of Ohio can find out about local private universities, public colleges, vocational schools, community colleges, and other education or career training centers in the state of Ohio. More info:

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South Carolina students have a help site here -- visit


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