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The hospitality industry needs skilled managers to run their restaurants, resorts, hotels, motels, spas and other places where customers go to eat, drink, relax and rest. Spend a short visit to

Good managers need both formal education and on-the-job experience. People skills are probably the most important quality of a good manager.

After high school, most students apply to either a four-year college or a two-year associate's degree school. Which option is better? It depends upon what type of career field you will be going into.

Engineering is still one of the top careers to go into. One benefit of engineering is that there is a wide variety of specializations, so most students can find at least one area that they are really interested in. Read more about it at www.Onlineengineering

Some states have more colleges than others. Pennsylvania, Illinois and Ohio each have more colleges than most states do. You could start at these three.

Tallahassee, FL ( May 17, 2013 -- A new education guide designed to help Florida students interested in studying business is now open.

Florida Business Classes has designed a website that is set up to offer details about schools that offer either undergraduate or graduate business degree programs. The site is focused on just educational institutions in Florida.

"Our site has a fairly narrow focus," explains the website's main editor, Susan Turner, "We are hoping to start conversations with all kinds of people in the Florida area who have an interest in one or more fields of business and help them look at some of the education opportunities they have in that area." More info:

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