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Two of the most popular career choices for young students today are accounting and engineering. Each one is quite different from the other.

Accounting is a very thorough college major. Accounting majors take a lot of very specific accounting courses. While every major requires a certain amount of classes within the major, accounting is different -- a bachelor's degree in accounting needs to prepare you to sit for the CPA exam, so each school requires plenty of in-depth training before you get your diploma. Learn more.

There is plenty of variety in the engineering field as there are so many different types of engineer professions. Engineering students will have to decide which area they will want to work in well before graduation, and often during their sophomore year. Learn more.

And computer science is really hot, even still. It's a tough major. You will have lots of competition in the classroom, but if you can make it through you will have plenty of terrific job prospect.

Earning a bachelor's degree typically takes four years. Some students can work faster than that and finish sooner, but it takes quite a bit for work.

Criminal justice is another career field that is really hot today. Criminal justice degrees can be earned in two or four years.

( -- May 15, 2013) Phoenix, AZ -- A new website devoted to helping Arizona residents find details about colleges, schools and other education options is now open to the public.

The website manager, Victoria Burns, explains, "This new website is really set up so that anyone interested in enrolling at an Arizona school can take a look at some of the opportunities in whatever college major or career field they are interested in." More info:

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