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Many students are still entering high tech degree programs. And who can blame them? Technology graduates find a welcoming job scene, good salaries, interesting work and plenty of room for advancement.

You can earn a business degree in as little as two years at some community colleges or vocational schools.

Nursing is another great field. You can get started with just two years of training, or you can go on to earn a bacheor's degree in four.

Where are you going to go to college? Obviously, the bigger states have more options. One that people sometimes overlook -- Michigan.

Olympia, WA ( May 1, 2013 -- A new online guide that helps prospective and current accounting majors or students is now open.

Accounting Degree Schools is a website devoted to providing information about schools that offer either degree programs or a series of classes in the accounting or bookkeeping field.

"Both public and private accounting jobs are still fairly stable career fields," explains website manager Susan Turner. "And while the number of large, national accounting firms has constricted some during the last decade, employers are still flocking to college career days and are actively pursuing students of good schools." More info:

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Residents of Texas who wish to get started earning a degree can learn more soon with

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