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Associate degrees are two-year programs, which is noticeably from a four-year bachelor degree (four years difference). It is possible to finish a degree in a much briefer duration of time if you take classes online and work hard.

If you don't have a college near you, you may still be able to earn a degree through online courses and schools. Online degree programs are not available in every field, but there are quite a few of them.

Oregon is popular for some of the same reasons. While it's not a big skiing state, outdoor recreation is big there, plus they have a couple of good colleges based in small towns. Not every school is in Portland. See which ones are.

And at the other coast, Virginia is home to a few good possibilities as well. Virginia typically gets more students from the southeast, but it can be a good choice for anyone.

Speaking of careers, one of the fastest health-related careers you can get into is the massage field. Massage therapists can get trained and working fast. You can read a bit more about it at

( -- April 22, 2013) Olympia, WA -- If you are one of the many people who is working on completing your GED, the time to finish it this year is getting shorter every day.

Judy Ford, editor for the website, explained that the GED Exam, which is what everyone must pass in order to earn their GED, is being changed at the end of the year. This change mandates that all partially completed exams will be thrown out on December 31 and anyone who has already completed any of the five sections of the exam will need to completely start over in 2014. More info:

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