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Not every degree has to be a bachelor's degree. You can stop at a two-year associate's degree or continue on for an advanced degree later.

Information systems and technology is one of the areas of information technology that is still real hot. Most students go for a four-year degree, but you will have some shorter options if you need them. Learn more about degree choices, technology majors and education options.

Many young adults don't want to commit many years to college and decide that a specific vocational or technical training school is what they want to invest in. These vocational colleges are designed to train students to be able to get into a job, usually a trades type of job, just as soon as they graduate. Examples of these types of occupations include air conditioning repair, administrative assistant, car mechanic, construction, etc. Find out more

The field of dental assisting is a field that students can get into without spending years in college. Learn more about becoming a dental hygienist.

Tampa, FL ( April 23, 2013 -- A brand new guide designed to help prospective Tampa, Florida students is now available on the Web.

Schools of Tampa is a brand new website where residents of Tampa and other central Florida towns can find information about local colleges, schools and other career training centers. More info:

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The accounting and finance fields are hot these days. So if you are interested in this field, you could get involved in it. You can get started soon. Check out this site --


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