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Photography is a popular career field that very few people can actually get into. Students need a certain amount of creativity, talent and effort.

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Business majors are always popular. You can enroll in business school and later decide which area of business speaks to you. There are finance and accounting degrees for students who like numbers. There are marketing and advertising degrees for students who would like to work in those areas. Some students go for an information systems management degree that combines business studies with information technology. And there is always management and general business administration programs. And while all students will start win an undergraduate degree, some graduating seniors immediately continue by pursuing their graduate degree.

Foreign language study has always had a place in many universities. Students can decide between several different languages to concentrate in. Learn more about it at

Dallas, TX ( April 3, 2013 -- A new education and career guide for Dallas students and other Texas residents has opened on the Web.

Schools of Dallas is a brand new website where visitors can learn about education opportunities in Dallas, Texas. The site discusses all different types of local schools and career training centers, including large four-year universities, trade schools, small private schools and community colleges in the greater Dallas area. More info:

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The business and finance field is in high gear right now. If you are interested in this field, you can get involved with it. You could learn more soon at


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