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If you don't have your high school diploma yet, you should definitely start working on earning your GED. It isn't that hard, but it does require some work.

So where are you going to go to college? Illinois, Ohio and Pennsylvania are top options.

Engineering is also popular. Engineering is a rather competitive major, especially at the big schools. Engineers often work outside of the office regularly, so this discipline tends to attract prospects who don't want to be in an office every day. See more

The culinary arts is attracting more and more interested students these days as well. The two main categories of study are chef training and hospitality management. See if this field is for you.

Philadelphia, PA ( March 28, 2013 -- A new online guide that is designed to help Pennsylvania residents who are interested in the culinary arts is now open for business.

Pennsylvania Cooking Classes is a new website where residents of Pennsylvania or nearby states can learn about cooking schools and classes being offered in cities around Pennsylvania.

"The field of culinary arts has really seen a dramatic rise in interest during the past few years," explains website manager Maria DeMars, "While there are probably several reasons for it, I think one big reason is the popularity of the various cooking contest shows on television. These cooking shows make being a chef look exciting and interesting. And while being a professional chef can be a great job, in reality, working in a kitchen and preparing great meals involves a lot of work and preparation."

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If you are interested in studying at an online school, you can get started soon.


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