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Photograpy is a career that many people would like to get into, but few actually do. It is a competitive job environment.

In another career field, an administrative assistant is a crucial person in office environments. A good assistant will learn the basics of accounting, written communication, list control, and basic office computer applications.

Although there are no requirements in becoming an administrative assistant regarding a college degree, most employers like to see some formal education on an applicant's resume.

A working secretary can apply to be a IAAP Certified Professional Secretary candidate (CPS). In order to be accepted, you will be required to provide letters from employers, your college transcripts and copies of any other formal education certificates. Their is also a small application fee that usually differs from state to state.

Bellingham, WA ( March 1, 2013 -- For the last 10 years, has been writing about and promoting higher education in North America.

The original website manager Brian Hanson asked, "Am I surprised that this website has not only lasted, but flourished over the past ten years? I suppose I am a bit surprised. Many websites and online endeavors have a rather short lifespan, but this one has continued to serve a purpose, I guess, so it lives on."

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The cooking field is in top gear right now. So if you have an interest in this field, you can get involved with it. You could learn more now. Check out

And you don't have to go to a USA school either -- Canada has some great universities.

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