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Deciding upon a career field, selecting a college major and picking a college are all big decisions.

Considering a College Degree in Business?

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GED Testing
The GED exam is the short name for the General Educational Development Test or the General Equivalency Diploma Test. See US Department of Education. It is supervised by the American Council of Education in the United States.

Passing the GED test is equivalent to earning a high school diploma. Students who were unable to complete their high school coursework, were homeschooled or wish to start college early can take the GED exam and earn their high school credentials.

The GED test is administered on scheduled days and times each month at local testing centers in every state.

Pass your examThe testing atmosphere is very strict. At the GED testing center, you will need to provide a photo ID. You will probably be photographed as well. You will need to sign in (including your signature) before you start the exam and then also when you complete it. There are no food, drinks or smoking allowed in the exam areas.

The cost of the GED exam varies by location. It can range from $50 to $150, with most being under $100.

The full exam takes approximately 7 hours to complete. Most testing centers administer the exam in one long day. Some centers give the test over two days and lasts about four hours each day.

The exam itself consists of five tests, which cover the areas of mathematics, social studies, writing, science, and reading. The math area is broken up into two sections.

Most of the tests are multiple choice answers. There is a short essay required during the writing test. One section of the math test allows the use of a calculator, but don't bring your own calculator, calculators will be provided at the GED exam center.

For students who need it, the exam is available in various formats including English, Spanish and French. In addition, large print, audiocassette, and braille versions are also available.

About 800,000 exams are given each year. About 60% of the individuals taking the exams were awarded their GED diploma.

The minimum passing score can vary from one state to the next. States set the passing scores to be comparable to the performance of their state's graduating high school seniors.

The best way to pass the exam is to spend a little bit of time preparing for it. You can study for each of the five tests and brush up on the basic questions that will be asked during those tests. By concentrating on the basic questions asked in each of the five subjects, you will dramatically increase your chance of successfully earning your GED.

The second task you should do to prepare for the exam is take one or two GED practice tests. You can take these practice exams as many times as you would like. Learn more.

Taking and passing these trial tests will greatly increase your odds of passing the real exam and will also increase your confidence and perhaps even allow you to relax more at the GED testing center.


Business has always been a solid college major. There are half a dozen different fields you could specialize in -- finance, accounting, marketing, human resources, management or information management. Most students find that they are better-suited to one or two of them, but not all.

Nursing is one real healthy career. Experienced nurses are always in demand, as well as newly minted graduates of good schools. Are you thinking about a nursing career? The following site might help if you are in their area --


Are you feeling right for a nursing career?

This can be a tough and demanding job. The work days can frequently involve extended hours, evenings and weekends. Yet the wages are pretty good and the work can be satisfying.

When you enroll for a nurse training program, you will usually learn pretty fast whether you’re suitable for this kind of vocation.

A great many nurses find the basic work day to be full of issues. These challenges are regularly accompanied with personal drama.

Simply because a certain amount of health care must be supplied at various hours of the day and evening, lots of nurses will be working at times apart from the traditional work day.

The job is not accomplished sitting at a desk either. It will require walking and standing for much of the time.

People can click on Cerritos College.

Healthcare is a field that is still going through stable employment growth. Trained nurses normally find many options in the employment market.

The field is growing as well. Medical professionals can specialize in various areas, and they can continue on with their schooling to attain advanced degrees which can qualify them for potential employment promotions.

Because medical care needs to be furnished just about everywhere, a knowledgeable nurse typically can obtain jobs in any city in the country. You won’t be restricted to residing only in a small number of cities.

This is a smart and sensible career field to get into. You should look at the specific opportunities and ascertain if it might be a good choice for you too.

Thinking about going to school online?

Web based programs don’t work for every student.

Some students just learn much better in a regular classroom than they do on their own.

Lots of students have troubles when taking classes where there is little structure. They find themselves spending too little time on their classes to effectively pass them.

Certain people have the belief that web-based classes should be simple and easy. But they aren’t. Classes on the web are not any simpler than physical classroom sessions are.

A small number of topics work well with web based training, but lots of others really don’t. The normal in-class experience is the right method for mastering many topics.

You can go to Texas State University at San Antonio or click here to visit a page from that talks about this more.

It might be sensible to be a part of an internet training program if the degree field you are looking at can be studied well via web-based instruction.

Or if there isn’t a school close to you, online education may be your single choice.

Your main objective is to complete each of your classes and ultimately get your diploma. It usually takes many hours, determination and focus.

It’s fantastic to earn a college degree. Many folks that are serious about getting an undergraduate diploma will join at their hometown school if there is one.

It does take a significant amount of effort, but it is generally worth the effort.

Think you don’t have enough extra time to enroll at a college?

If you have a busy daily life, maybe you feel you don’t have the extra time to earn a college diploma.

One of the downsides about school is that people need to commute to class sessions, and the vast majority of classes are only offered in the daytime.

As much as somebody may wish to act on getting their college education, when they have a full-time day job they might struggle to show up at class sessions consistently.

If you look around, you will notice that the section of folks that are in this group keeps expanding each year.

Fortunately, colleges and other schools also have recognized the number of prospective students find it difficult to show up for classes during the regular times and many of them are altering the types and times of classes they offer.

Besides offering classes during the evenings and on Saturdays, lots of universities will be providing classes online. These kinds of classes permit enrolled students to complete the requirements of the class whenever they like.

A lot of students like the freedom to work on their homework when they like and from wherever they want. Online assignments and homework is not easier to finish than regular class delivered lessons, but enrolled students have the benefit of participating in them and working on them as they choose.

For many people, this is the only way they would be ready to sign up for the volume of work necessary to receive a college degree.

Some college majors are better suitable for online coursework than others are. Some topics are learned more effectively in a small group or in a hands-on situation. Some subject areas struggle with being taught or demonstrated online. However, a number of subjects work very well.

University of Maryland, and this page you can see more degree and career information.

Only some individuals are suited to web-based training.

Some students just learn faster when they are in a real planned situation. These individuals work better when they are instructed just what and when to show up to class. This type of structure holds them on a schedule and simply pushes them to attend a classroom and do the work.

For plenty of pupils, if they have lots of freedom, they may very well postpone their homework and fall behind the rest of the class. This kind of student might require more structure than web curriculum can supply.

Before choosing an internet degree program, a person should look at the style of student they are.

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The culinary arts is a hot field right now. Professional chefs can get paid top dollar without needing to spend four years at a university. A site such as this one may be able to help you it.

And you don't have to attend school for four years either. You can earn an associate's degree in two years or under. Learn more at Community Colleges Online.


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